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Praise for Root Cause:


“An entertaining, wine-soaked mystery.” Kirkus Reviews


“A very compelling mystery through and through with a twist that you’ll never see coming." The US Review


“It’s safe to say that Laine knows his grapes. Root Cause is the perfect application of Laine’s extensive knowledge of vineyards, and… will both educate and entertain readers.” Red City Review


"This glamorous thriller is enhanced by Laine’s background as a beverage manager and connoisseur. Ecoterrorism meets terroir in Root Cause, an incisive new mystery that centers on an international search for the source behind a phylloxera infestation. Steven Laine’s enticing plot illuminates the rarefied wine industry through his characters’ passion.” Clarion Foreword Reviews


"Steven Laine will entertain with an 'I can’t put this book down' plot.” Grape Experiences


"If you love wine, love to read, and love to occasionally embark on a fantasy wine journey based on actual wine facts, Steven Laine is going to deliver an impactful novel, of epic proportions.” Juicy Tales


“I rate this book 88 points on the 100 Point Wine Rating Scale popularized by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and others.” Austin Beeman on Goodreads


“Root Cause tells an intriguing story about vineyards, the wine industry, greed, revenge, some sexual tension and of course wine. A good read for anyone who likes a suspenseful and fast paced read. Being released soon, get a copy and enjoy a good read. We ‘recommend' you do!” WineWalkAbout


"Root Cause is as much about industry politics as it is about the roots of manipulation and greed. These elements combine with an exquisite flavor of special interests and hints of deadly consequences to create a multifaceted, engaging thriller that's hard to put down.” Midwest Book Review

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Release date is 19th Feb 2019

Available Now - Order Here
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